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Be Flexible to Grow

The story so far

Now that we are solidly into the first month of 2021, have you had time to find your feet?

If you believe in numerology, 2021 breaks down to 5, which is all about pushing boundaries, exploration, bringing in new ideas and engaging an adventurous and fearless spirit. We founded Aveita on precisely these values and it is a commitment to this notion that has allowed the brand to grow and bloom.

 The concept behind Aveita is to provide a line of sustainable wellness products that simplify our hectic lives. We developed a collection of underwear and superfoods ready to launch in 2020 and when COVID-19 came along, we quickly pivoted and rolled out our butter-soft reusable face masks, the product we are now best known for. Was it how we planned it? Certainly not. Is it a success? Absolutely.

Taking a chance 

By remaining flexible and taking a chance opportunity, we pushed boundaries, explored new products, and made new connections. Our masks were a big hit and we grew quickly. A community swiftly formed around the brand and we started receiving 10, 20, 50 images a day from our loyal customers and supporters via our Instagram account.  

We hired marketing support via agency WOI, we collaborated with other sustainable brands, and we went “all in” with Aveita. Our efforts paid off and after months of managing deliveries ourselves, we scaled up and moved into a warehouse in December last year. Thanks to our digital marketing efforts, the Aveita brand started getting noticed around the region and we now offer shipping to new markets around Asia Pacific.

New Colours for 2021

Through 2020, we carefully balanced sales, growth, and quality control. We wanted to know that our products would be loved, used, and kept. One piece of feedback we receive all the time is “more colours please!” and we launch fresh new shades each season. This season, we have developed deeper, richer hues inspired by nature. Our new ‘Forest Green’ and 'Midnight Royale’ (pictured below) will replace the original Desert Green andTwilight Blue. These colours are being discontinued so that means once they sell out, they will be gone! The same goes for the limited-edition pink and limited-edition silver, so if those are your favourites grab them now while supplies last. Our new ‘Slate Grey’ also just launched. Perfect for kids’ school uniforms or for corporate wear to the office.

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