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Healthy HKG: Review: Aveita Reusable Face Masks

If you think wearing a mask can feel suffocating at times, try wearing them in ultra-humid Hong Kong, especially in the summer. Thankfully, one Hong Kong company has come up with a solution by offering ultra-thin, reusable fabric face masks.

Founded in 2020, Aveita is a partnership between two women: Sarah Kalmeta, business and holistic wellness coach, and her business partner, Joanne. Together, they launched the company with reusable face masks and have since expanded their portfolio to include superfoods like ginger powder and sportswear (a collaboration with local Hong Kong athletics brand, Dx Sportswear).

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aveita face masks 4aveita face masks 3aveita face masks 1aveita face masks 2Aveita masks in desert greenaveita face masks 6aveita face masks 5Aveita masks in twilight blue (Photos: Erica Fong/HealthyHKG)



Having tried quite a few masks already of different thicknesses and fabrics, the Aveita masks are definitely one of the thinnest Hong Kong-made masks out there, coming in one layer with a flat seam in the middle. The fabric is tested and proven to be 99.9% antibacterial for up to 30 washes – and should be hand washed in warm water without any harsh chemicals or cleansing agents.

Photo: Erica Fong/HealthyHKG


When worn, the Aveita masks feel cool to the touch, making them even better for summer and active wear, and the fabric has a nice stretch to it (similar to bra/underwear fabric, as the company pivoted from making undergarments in 2020). They are also a sustainably-minded company, having partnered with BlueSign to ensure that no harmful substances are used in the textile manufacturing process.aveita face masks 7Photo: Erica Fong/HealthyHKG


When it comes to the fit, Aveita masks do not have a nose clip or a built-in filter, and can sometimes pucker inwards at the mouth. Similar to the Pacsafe ViralOff masks, they are single-layered fabric masks that are mainly used as a barrier against droplets rather than filtration. As such, they may not offer the highest level of protection in crowded places, but are probably fine if you are wearing them in less crowded places and instances such as throwing out the garbage, walking the dog or perhaps, a quick run.


Verdictaveita face masks 8

Photo: Erica Fong/HealthyHKG


The Aveita masks are a great substitute for single-use disposable surgical masks as they can be reused for up to 30x, but may not be the best choice for those looking for a high level of protection against COVID and other airborne viruses and germs. However, they have proven to be hugely popular in Hong Kong for the office, gym and general daily wear. Since launch, Aveita have introduced a host of new and bright colours, which are available in kid and adult sizes, including some limited edition colours and prints for the festive season.

Price: Aveita masks are priced at HK$100 a piece, which when reused 30x, comes out to HK$3.33 per use.

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