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Aveita is a small, women owned business, founded in Hong Kong in 2020. The brand launched with a range of comfortable, breathable, anti-bacterial and sustainable face masks for the whole family. Further to the success of Aveita’s line of masks, the brand’s product line will soon expand to include sustainable attire.

Through our volunteer work and global experience working for private enterprises and MNCs, we have developed a network which allows us to source high-quality products and bring them to other markets while supporting local businesses.

We started Aveita with a vision to bring holistic solutions home and strive to provide you with quality products to keep you healthy.

Where east meets west, we blend the best of both worlds to help communities around the world. We curate products with a focus on health, wellness and beauty while reducing packaging waste as much as possible for a sustainable future.


Aveita and DxSportswear are two new Hong Kong brands that believe in putting comfort first. Aveita's masks and Dx's tops are some of the most comfortable and wearable you will find. As the founders say, "When you find something good, enjoy it! We found something GREAT and we want to share it with you. Aveita and Dx are all about simplicity, sustainability, shopping local, conscious consumption and community.” 

Founders are wearing Dx tops (female size M and male size L) and Aveita masks (size L) in photos

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